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Amarantos ‘Issue 2’

Days like today…

Days like today, are a good reminder of how much growing-up/learning I still have to do. Still having troubles regarding little-things like: keeping a professional tone with co-workers (even if it’s just joking around), dealing with issues of jealousy, and remembering to collect lunch-money after buying the office lunch. FML


Working on a set of plans for a bicycle-courier in San Francisco… meeting tomorrow!

Seen in the ‘Shitty’ while checking out my co-workers new spot.

Seen in the ‘Shitty’ while checking out my co-workers new spot.

Stickers in San Rafael. 

Stickers in San Rafael. 


I constantly have friends and/or acquaintances trying to ‘hook me up' with their girlfriends/wives/flings friend/sister/etc. I don't really have an issue with this, but the conversations the following week/days are always strange.

"Dude why didn’t you hit that?" (I wasn’t interested.)
"I would have gotten down on that!" (Cool, you should have - because I wasn’t going to.)
"[insert-name] tapped that last time, you could’ve easily done it." (Thats cool, I’m not that person.)

I don’t share this too often, but I haven’t had sex in over 8+/- years… and I don’t really see the big deal? Is the saying ‘If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it' actually true? I am really missing out, this many years later? I don't think so.

The things you’ll find on Facebook.Roger Wilco Markets!

The things you’ll find on Facebook.

Roger Wilco Markets!